Yes, You Can Buy Skull and Sidecar Paperbacks on Amazon. But.

If you visit the Amazon page for Skull and Sidecar, you will notice that it’s available in paperback or ebook. You will also notice that if you try to buy it directly — like, the usual way you buy a book, with the Buy Now or one-click button — there’s a message saying that the book is on back order. That it will take a few weeks before it even ships.

Let’s be very clear: Skull and Sidecar is not now, nor has it ever been, on back order.

Skull and Sidecar is a print-on-demand (POD) book. It cannot be on back order; it will often be printed as soon as you place the order and then shipped right to your door. That’s how my other book, Take the Wheel, works too.

But paperback books that were uploaded to Amazon’s system during a short window during the summer of 2018 (when S+S was published) got caught in a weird place. Amazon was phasing out Createspace in favor of KDP for print-on-demand paperbacks. I have never used either of these services from Amazon (I use Ingram Lightning Source), but apparently during its in-house change-over period, other POD ebooks ended up being listed as being on back order.

I called Ingram and learned that other authors have had this issue. They assured me that yes, my titles are indeed print-on-demand and available. They also checked their warehouses and found that there are printed copies in stock in both California and Ohio. They are merely waiting for someone to click that Buy Now button.

Or they’re waiting for someone to buy a paperback copy of S+S from literally anywhere online. My mom, who is responsible for a huge percentage of my paperback sales, refers people to the Barnes & Noble website with great success. You can also find them via Powell’s, Indiebound — really anywhere you can buy books online, you can order my books. You can also order them through your neighborhood bookstore if it doesn’t carry S+S on the shelf.

Places to Buy Skull and Sidecar in Paperback

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