Editors often say that a good editor isn’t someone who knows everything, it’s someone who knows where to look everything up. Not only is that true, it’s the key to my whole career as a writer and editor. I love to look things up. My favorite assignments come from editors who want me to find the answer to a question, whether that’s the degree of madness in the Mad Hatter or the best cars for your dog. My favorite book projects are historical fiction and narrative nonfiction where I get to fact check to my little heart’s content.

When I’m immersed in a project I love, whether I’m researching, writing, or editing, I will go to the ends of the internet to find reliable, preferably primary sources of information. My library card gets a virtual workout, thanks to the available databases and subscriptions it provides. I also maintain several paid accounts to institutions such as JSTOR and the Oxford English Dictionary for chasing down original sources and verified entries. Books and articles, print and online—all the facts are confirmed, even if the explanations involve unicorns.

I also write historical fiction and nonfiction, and I have a small press that publishes works by marginalized authors from history, such as Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins’s Life Among the Pauites.

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