Thanks for considering me as an editor for your book. I offer manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, copy editing, and fact checking services for fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, and I work on self-published and traditionally published projects. I specialize in historical fiction, sci fi/fantasy, and works in translation to English, but with more than 200 books in my portfolio since 2006, I’ve edited in most genres.

My editorial style focuses on the craft and construction of a book, and I use a descriptive approach. That means I strive to make your work internally consistent and to make sure that what you intend to transmit to the reader is indeed what’s on the page. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and the Conscious Style Guide as tools, but it’s important to me to preserve the author’s voice and style.

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For more information on freelance editors and how to vet them, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Writers of America (SFWA) has a lengthy and accurate guide to editors and editing. No matter what genre you’re working in, or if you’re planning to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route, this guide is spot-on.