I Hired Some Help

I am currently on my lunch hour in my office. I don’t usually eat lunch in my office, and I don’t usually work during lunch. But today I am eating a leftover vegan quesadilla at my desk because there are two super cool people cleaning my house right now and I do not want to interrupt their flow. That’s what the cats are for.

(They love the cats.)

I have long wanted help running my business, but I am clueless as to how one goes about doing that. What would that other person do? Would I have to tell them how to do everything anyway, which would negate the whole point of having help? How many hours of work would I even have for another person to do?

Taking Cleaning Off My Plate

The cleaning people are my baby step toward hiring help. Because they come in once a month and clean the living hell out of my house, I do not have to take any time to do that. I can keep up with dishes (we have a dishwasher) and laundry. Mr. KHG keeps up with cat litter and garbage. The occasional wipe-down on the counters is fine. The two hours or so that I pay these cleaners for cleaning once a month frees up hours and hours of housekeeping time for me.

What have I done with this housekeeping time? I’ve gotten this blog back on track, for one thing. I also mapped out a marketing plan for the fall to grow my editing business. I’ve been doing hours of French homework most nights. I am doing a ten-day Adobe bootcamp to do more cool social media stuff, like this Helen Oyeyemi quote thing that I made for Instagram Stories (@kristen_hg).

The cleaning people are straight-up pros. I had to give them a wee bit of instruction the first time (don’t bother trying to dust the role playing minis, for example), and then they set to cleaning. They’ve been around for three or four months now, and it has made a huge difference in my productivity and my ability to see past the next project and plan for my future.

I’m still not sure I’m ready for an assistant to help me with my actual work, but I can see how it might be really great in the future if I budget the money and a little time, at least at first, for it. But since I’ve hired out the housekeeping, those admin tasks that I used to dread aren’t so terrible anymore. If I don’t have to worry about how disgusting my stove top is (whew, it was gross, y’all), then I can worry about keeping my clip files up to date and, you know, writing more blog posts. I may even get around to creating the newsletter I’ve been trying to imagine for, like, two years.