How I’ll Spend My Summer – Driving and Drag Racing

The two events I’m most looking forward to this summer (so far) are already penned into my calendar: the Northwest Automotive Press Association’s Run to the Sun and the National Electric Drag Racing Association’s Wayland Invitational IV.

NWAPA’s event involves driving 18 or so sports cars and convertibles through the mountains of Central Oregon for two days. Last year, it was sunny and beautiful — and the roads were plenty twisty. With my long hair and burnable skin, I’d like to again thank Deb from Maserati for the free ballcap. It would have been a shame to drive the Miata with the top up.

I won’t be driving anything in NEDRA’s event at Portland International Raceway, but I will definitely be there. The email invite I got says there will be production cars “from Teslas to Tangos,” plus all the home-built drag strip monsters like  John Wayland’s record-setting White Zombie. You can get a feel for the event by checking out the article I did for the NY Times a while back on NEDRA’s 10th anniversary.

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