I, a Design-Challenged Person, Have Made a New Logo

I have not been happy with my previous attempt at a logo. It had too many words because I am a word person, so that’s what I added. It was two shades of gray, light and dark, because that seemed trustworthy and professional. It was boring and looked like this:

I am trustworthy and professional, but I am also way more fun than that logo would lead you to believe. I have purple hair, I have a ridiculous dog and three even more ridiculous cats, my favorite role playing character of mine is a kender named Astolata!, and I will talk about the importance of Beyonce on every level for as long as you would like. I tried making a new logo that was text-based, and I raised it up the flagpole as a banner on my Twitter profile. I didn’t like it either. I’m not even going to put it up here because it’s not worth resizing to make WordPress happy.

Then this morning, Adobe Spark sent a newsletter out with some logo-making inspiration and templates. Within a half an hour of playing around and clicking things, I had a whole new logo. I would never have had the skill to make it all by myself. (Adobe Spark is free and I don’t get anything for typing its name in this post.) Here is this cool thing:

Fewer words! More colors! A pen nib! And it actually picks up on the theme of the business cards I’ve had and loved ever since I started freelancing in 2006, which is ridiculous and fantastic.

If you’re in need of a logo, give Adobe Spark a whirl while you’re binge watching Lost in Space on Netflix.