Take the Wheel Takes Another Step Toward Reality

The book has been edited, I have made the changes or stuck to my guns as necessary, and the text is now in the hands of the book designer. I am being asked to decide between fonts that look nearly identical to me and whether I want the page numbers in the middle or at the edges of the pages. (But wait until you see the little logo by the page numbers — you will die, it is so cute.)

Which all sounds real enough, but it’s 2013. Nothing is real until it is on the internet. So I give you the official book website, TaketheWheelBook.com. I’ve got business cards, too, so if you meet me in person, ask for one. They look as amazing as the site, and they make lovely bookmarks.

Take the Wheel already!
Take the Wheel already!

If you want the latest industry news as it pertains to women’s lives or updates on the book as it nears its September 3 publication date, you’re going to want to visit the site. Oh, and of course the book has its own Take the Wheel Facebook page too.

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