Final Book Interviews!

Today, I finished the last two interviews I’m allowing myself for the book formerly known as A Car of One’s Own. 

The first was with a numbers guy who, despite being told what I was working on, answered my first question by telling me he didn’t have data broken down by male vs. female. Not so helpful, numbers guy. But he gave me some good overall buying trend info. Lemons, lemonade.

The second interview was much better. It was with a futurist who works with car companies to research past trends to predict trends. With new cars taking about three years to get from napkin sketch to showroom, it’s worth it to have someone tell you if that car will even be worth the R&D. (Hint: Don’t design any new two-ton SUVs with single-digit fuel economy ratings.)

I’m cutting myself off now. I’ll do the transcriptions of these two recorded phone interviews, a chore I loathe, incorporate the information into the book, and stop with the research already. It’s been more than a year since I started working on this book. Anything new can go in the revised edition.

Next step in the to-do list: final rewrites and cleanup before sending it to the line editor.