To Holiday, or Not to Holiday …

I am writing this at my desk, in my office, on Memorial Day, which is officially a holiday in the United States, yet here I am at my desk. Most people are camping this weekend — or as a friend of a friend on Facebook called camping, “drinking near trees.” I did not leave town for the three-day weekend for two reasons: soccer and work.

The first is an understandable and delightful way to spend a holiday weekend. I have season tickets to all home Portland Timbers games (Rose City ’til I Die), plus the reserves team, a series of games that keeps the second stringers in fighting trim. There was a regular season game on Sunday and there is a reserves match this afternoon against our rivals from Seattle. Must not miss.

But the second reason, work, is one I struggle with every holiday, and most regular weekends, too. I’m very busy right now, with two deadlines looming this week and a huge deadline that must be completed at the last minute for logistical reasons next Monday. It’s like three axes hanging over my head — and not the green-and-white Timbers logo axe, either.

My struggle is, do I work a bit even on weekends and holidays in an attempt to ease the load in the coming week? Or do I take a full weekend off for R&R knowing the shit storm will begin Tuesday morning? I’m probably going to work this morning, at least until it’s time to head to the stadium for kick-off, and I did work a bit Saturday and Sunday, too. But I wonder if I shouldn’t have slacked off more to store my own reserves for the work this week.

If anyone out there, especially freelancers, has advice, hit me in the comments. And if you’re reading this the day I post it, Monday, May 30, you can see the link to my professional profile on

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