KHG’s Fave Freelance Articles

  1. My first electric car piece as a freelance writer from 2007 for the New York Times.

2. I was sent by the Times, along with a photographer, to write about how they get vintage cars in place inside a museum.

3. I got to explain how an engine that was invented more than a century ago is helping make the most of hybrid systems today.

4. This list of terrible cars is probably one of the most popular things I’ve ever written.

5. The intersection of autonomous cars and restoring human autonomy is one of my favorite Venn diagrams as a freelance writer.

6. I was lucky enough to attend the Long Beach race in Formula E’s first season (and take this cool photo).

7. It’s not all cars. Sometimes it’s the origin of a phrase.

8. But yeah, at lot of the time over the past decade and more as a freelance writer, my work has been about cars. Sometimes in a helpful way, like this piece on the best cars for dogs.