Fact Checking

What Is Fact Checking?

Fact checking comes quite late in the publication process, usually after copy editing and before layout or proofreading. It casts a net for:

  • Names of places, people, and organizations
  • Dates
  • Confirming identifications of photo subjects
  • Accurate quotations from correct sources
  • Historical or biographical information
  • Statistics and other data

What Do I Get with Fact Checking?

  • A document (Word, PDF, Google Doc) with all checked facts flagged as being correct or incluind a correction along with its source
  • Timeframe varies widely based on the granularity of the fact checking required and the length of the book

Who Is Fact Checking For?

  • Institutions and estates publishing commemorative books
  • Business and self-help authors who want verification of facts in their books
  • Small presses that don’t have a fact checker on staff

What about the Cost?

  • I provide a free sample of about 5 pages to verify the depth of fact checking required.
  • I send a flat-rate estimate of both costs and time based on that sample.
  • I require a 50% deposit before I begin the fact checking process, with the remaining 50% to be paid after I return the verified manuscript.
  • I provide a professional contract to protect both your work as author and mine as editor (institutional clients may provide this instead).

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