Book Coach

If you’ve clicked on this page, there’s a good chance that you’re stuck in your project and you’re hoping a book coach will get you unstuck.

Maybe you were reeling off pages in your first draft and ran out of steam, and you still can’t get back on track. Maybe you’re deep inside your revisions, and you’re not even sure which changes are going to have the most impact. Maybe you’ve already gotten feedback from beta readers, your writing group, or even editors, and now it all adds up to a stack of contradictory advice.

These are common and fixable problems. Over my past 10 years as a book coach, I’ve gotten people unstuck when they were mired in historical fiction, memoir, sci-fi and fantasy, and self-help books. (Yes, self-help authors sometimes need help themselves. I’ve used a book coach for my own books too.) I’ve worked with authors of stand-alone novels, series, and short story collections. And there’s a good chance I can help get your project out of the mire and back on track in half an hour.

One of the most helpful and satisfying things any author can do is talk out the problem with someone knowledgeable. I have edited about 150 books in my career so far, including a handful of award winners, and I study structure and craft for fun. As a book coach, I enjoy listening to authors tell me about their books—what’s working? what’s not? what’s frustrating you? what’s this book really about? During these discussions, and often within 30 minutes, the author’s eyes will light up. They’ll sit up in their chair. I get super excited and start yelling, “Write that down! Write that down! We found it!” I am a real dork.

Booking a Book Coach

If you’re willing to give a short, 30-minute session with a book coach a try, there are a few things that will help make this a useful session:

  • The book’s genre. I can work with pretty much anything, but knowing what you’re working on is handy.
  • A very short summary, even if it’s not a great description. No more than 250 words or so. Longer than an elevator pitch, shorter than the usual summary. Do your best.
  • Word count so far and word count you expect for the final book, more or less.
  • How many revisions you’ve done. A precise number can be tough to come up with since hardly anyone really revises from front to back, numbers it, and starts again. Is this a first draft? A nearly final version? Somewhere in between?
  • How many people have read it. If writing groups have seen sections, or you’ve submitted the first 20 pages to an agent, or you’ve had a few beta readers or sensitivity readers, let me know.
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$30 for 30 Minutes

The last step to set up this quick coaching session is payment. It’s an easy click away, and I can accept just about any kind of online payment, including Paypal.

When I have your project information and the payment, I’ll email you to find a time that works for both of us. Then we can use Zoom, Skype, or a phonecall for our 30-minute coaching session.

I don’t know how popular this will be, so the $30 for 30 minutes is an introductory offer, and sessions will be limited. So click now to save your space at this rate!