Wood-chip powered SUV in the NYT

I just finished (I think) the last round of edits for a story I did on Robert “Chip” Beam’s wood-chip-powered Isuzu Trooper. It’ll be in the Sunday New York Times, probably in just the metro edition. But you can always look it up online at nytimes.com/autos, and I’ll post it here on my Clips page.

Lunch with Lutz

Had lunch with GM honcho Bob Lutz on Tuesday in Seattle. It was interesting to talk to Mr. Lutz, as he’s on a kind of PR tour to counteract the negative image people have about the company. Also, the restaurant used fresh local berries in its desserts. Tasty. Read about Mr. Lutz’s comments (and not a word about the food) in my post on RiverWired.com on Friday, June 20.

Article in Latest Portland Monthly — Thanks to Mrs. Peterson

My latest piece for Portland Monthly’s Mudroom section is a short one, on Electrathon America, a race for electric vehicles designed and built by high school and community college teams. I started the first draft of the short article during a visit to Mrs. Peterson’s class at Spring Mountain Elementary School. I talked to the kids about being a writer and how many revisions are necessary, and they asked me to demonstrate a first draft — live and in person. I’m glad they did. I think it turned out well — four revisions later.

Upcoming story in the NY Times

I have another article in the Sunday Times this week, this time on EV dealerships. It will run in the New York metro area edition, not the national edition, but it will be on the Web site, available everywhere you can get an internet connection. Oh, and I think you still have to log in. Check www.nytimes.com on Sunday (or any day after that) to read about the latest in auto dealerships.

Thanks to the Alfa Romeo Owners of Oregon

Last night, at the invitation of fearless AROO leader Marty Schneiderman, I gave a presentation entitled “Sports and Collector Cars in the Eco Age, or Why You Won’t Have to Give Up Your Alfa Any Time Soon” to the members of the club. Marty warmed up the crowd for me by running the regularly scheduled meeting while the rest of us ate barbecue. It was a great time, I met a lot of new people (not all of whom shared with my interest in alternative-fuel technologies), and I wanted to say thanks to Marty and give the club a plug.

If you’re wondering how I got invited in the first place, you can read my article about Alfa’s 2009 return to the U.S. market, which was published in the December issue of Ultimate Northwest, here.

New blog, new book

I’ve got a couple of new projects these days. The first is a new blog, RiverWired.com, that I’ll be writing posts for in the future. I’ve already written a couple, but we’re still working out the details. They tell me that I’ll have my own space to post green car news, which is exactly what I wanted.
This all dovetails not coincidentally with my second project: I’m working on a non-fiction book about racing electric vehicles (EVs). I’ve got the proposal and one chapter written (Chapter 6, actually), and I’m working on an intro now. I’ve got a short list of agents, so I’ll be sending out queries by the end of the month. Wish me luck.