How to Get 25% Off Books on My TBR Pile

Did you know I have an online bookstore that sells loads of books — not just books I’ve written? I do!

On the homepage of my bookstore, you’ll find a collection called “KHG’s TBR Pile.” If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a reader and a writer, so you probably already know that TBR is to-be-read. These are the books I have bought and have not yet got around to reading. I have them in ebook form, paperback, hardback, audiobook — I’m truly not picky about medium.

If you click on the KHG’s TBR Pile collection, you will find paperbacks and hardcovers from my TBR pile. Every book in this collection is 25% off if you use promo code KHGTBR. Every book. Brand-new books shipped from the distributor I use for my Practical Fox books. Not used, and not from my personal library. New books waiting for you to buy them for 25% off.

BUT! As soon as I get around to reading these books, I remove them from this collection. They’re still available in the store, but the half-off discount no longer applies. Please note that some of the books are new and cool, and some of them are very old and deeply nerdy. This is truly my very own reading list, so it’s a weird collection.

I almost always post my next read on Instagram (@kristen_hg). So if I’m reading a book you’ve been thinking about picking up, come get it before I finish the last page! Once I’m done with a book, I also post mini reviews on Insta. But the discount (promo code KHGTBR) will be gone by then.

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