My Obsessions for the Week of August 27

If you see me on the street or on the Internets, here are the topics I will go on and on and on about this week:

  • Doing a Science. Or writing about a science. I’ve been writing about automotive topics for ten years — six as a freelancer — and it’s time to change things up. The articles I had the best time writing were the technical articles, like “How an Atkinson Cycle Engine Works.” Give me an engineer and 20 minutes, and I can write an awesome article anyone can understand.
  • Healthy kittens.I’ve got two foster kittens, one of whom has had a tough, snotty, stuffy time of it for weeks. Today marks her second snot-free day. She seems very happy about it.
  • Zombies, Run! I ponied up the 8 bucks for this Android app, and it was totally worth it. The dog and I ran our third mission today. Turns out Runner 8 does not trust me, Runner 5. But she might be coming down with a case of the zombies …

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