I did it. I removed my profile from LinkedIn. Deleted it. Killed it. Disappeared it. Poof.

There are two reasons. The one that made me pull the trigger after a long internal debate was this New York Times article by Nicole Perlroth. She pointed out that not only was security at LinkedIn worse than just having my cat patrol the server room between his naps, but we consumers let companies get away with shitty security protocols. We give them information, knowing and uncomfortably accepting that they’re going to share and sell it in ways we cannot even imagine, in return for new jobs or professional connections, in the case of LinkedIn.

Which brings us to the second reason I left the service. I’ve never once gotten an assignment from LinkedIn, and the only people I was connected to there were people I already knew in real life. If I wanted to contact them, I’d email them. Or call them. Or message them on Facebook. Or follow them on Twitter to see which grammar rule is being flouted in their editorial faces. Or — get this — meet them for a drink some night.

The LinkedIn breach is not as troublesome as it could be. I don’t use that password on any other web site or service, and I kept very personal information, like my physical address, off the site. But if the company can’t be bothered to keep my CV safe, I’m not going to let them have any of my online life.

If you want to contact me, you of course can. Just click that handy “Contact” button at the top of the page. Easy peasy. No LinkedIn required.

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