I’m an Indigo Girl

It is now official. Last night, co-owners Ali McCart and Kristin Thiel plied me with two whiskey and ginger beers to get me to sign the Indigo Editing contractor agreement. (I would have done it without the drinks, but I never look a drink horse in the mouth.)

This means that if you’ve got a non-fiction book that needs editing at any level — and that includes memoir, how-to, self-help, spiritual, and creative non-fiction — I’ll be happy to work on it through Indigo. The upside for everyone is having an established editing firm with a stellar reputation involved to make the process smooth and professional. There’s even an office in downtown Portland! We can put on fancy office clothes and have author-editor meetings, like adults!

My contract with Indigo is definitely not exclusive, and they made very clear that they do not expect to put a lock on my time or my projects or my freelancing heart. I’ll still work on other book projects and write articles and blog posts and far too many tweets. I’m still working on automotive topics and keeping a hand in at the New York Times. This is just another basket to put my freelancing eggs in. A lovely indigo-colored basket.

If you want to contact me via Indigo, you certainly can:

khallgeisler [at] indigoediting [dot] com



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