Stumptown Comics FTW!

I paid the whole twelve bucks for two days at the Stumptown Comics Fest this past weekend. I stopped to say hi (and not much more — they were crazy busy) to my comic book purveyors of choice, Bridge City Comics. I learned about the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, and made my own print at the Independent Publishing Resource Center table, which looked intimidating. It wasn’t.

I also picked up the hardcover “Beanworld” by Larry Marder. I’ve been meaning to buy this book for a couple months, and what better opportunity than to hand my $20 over to Mr. Marder himself. He signed my book and drew a little Beanworld guy on the title page in green ink.

On Sunday, I attended a panel on comic book editing that was aimed at creators who want to understand the editing process. Diana Schutz from Dark Horse was there, as was Bob Schreck, co-founder of Oni Press and Jeff Parker, a freelance writer (and sometime artist) for Marvel. As an editor who LOVES graphic novels and comics, I was interested to find out what the job entails.Turns out it takes editing skills, project managment chops, and a desire to see the creators’ best work get published. Check, check, and check.
The surprise was the number of up-and-coming creators at the panel discussion who felt they needed an editor but didn’t know how to find one. Were they ever in luck — I had a stack of business cards with me. Here’s to developing a second area of expertise in a shaky economy.

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