New Web Site!

After three years with a freebie web site designed in about 30 seconds by a friend — who was kind to give it even that much time — I finally upgraded to something a little less out of the box.

It’s much easier to find my work now, and to find the latest Internet and print projects that I’ve written. I’m even taking more photos, so keep an eye out for some crazy shots from SEMA last week. Like a Corvette with a bubble top. Like as if it belonged to George Jetson.

So we’ll consider this a test post. I’ll add updates as interesting assignments come along. Thanks to LucentPDX for the new design!

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  1. Hi Kristen;
    My name is Nicolas Morris,I am connected to the Art Car
    Movement in a strange way,I worked on the first second and third art cars ever made.
    It’s important that I distinguish here between what we call”art Cars” and the fine art of “Custom car design”
    that has probably existed since cars had horses attached.
    in that seance ALL cars are art cars,it takes an artist to design a fender.I am referring here to decorated stock cars with objects glued or attached,not just custom paint or body work.
    I am friends with the first fellow to GLUE OBJECTS on a car,and his three close friends who were deeply influenced in their work by him, one of whom you mention in your articles, David Best.
    The reason I am writing this is I am interested in doing a piece,possibly including a video, maybe even a movie
    concerning these visionaries,who they are, what they are doing now,and some history of the pre-Burning man Movement.
    I have discussed this with every one involved
    (5 artists,and one museum curator)as well as Harrod Blank
    and they are all in agreement that it is very a good idea,they would like to contribute to.
    one format is documentary, and I have some ideas for a wilder,more to the spirit of the movement approach as well.
    I am currently working on my first art car that will be registered in my name.Send me an e mail and I’ll send you pics of others I have worked with.
    I am writing this to you because I am NOT a writer
    and would rather turn the documentation over to someone who
    has experience in expressing details in an interesting way.
    I have some friends interested in production fund raising etc. and I work with a non-profit educational
    group that might be a good recipient should we be able to
    create funding for the filming aspect,re-cycle art
    is fairly commonly funded these days in Sonoma County, where I live. It’s Ironic, because our efforts pre-date
    recycling as we know it,and our concern was rampant consumerism, and waste lent itself to humerus
    expression through the arts.Not really what modern re-cycling is about.
    Nico Morris Recycadelic Dinosaur

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