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Lightning in a Throttle: Three Early Electric Vehicle Victories

Electric cars from major manufacturers like Chevy and Nissan as well as startups like Tesla and Lucid Motors are bringing cutting-edge emissions-free technology to modern roads. And Formula E is bringing elite-level all-electric racing to cities worldwide. But as newfangled as these cars seem, they are far from the first. By, like, a century.

Lightning in a Throttle: Three Early Electric Victories by Kristen Hall-Geisler is an ebook in three acts:

  • A proto-hipster who dropped out of Columbia to start an electric vehicle business in Brooklyn
  • A speed-crazed Belgian who battled to break the 100 km/h barrier
  • An inventor whose inventions sometimes veered off track — literally — and into crowds of spectators
Lightning in a Throttle
Take the Wheel: A Woman's Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self 2nd ed.

Take the Wheel: A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self

The miles on your odometer keep ticking over, and you keep putting it off: the dreaded day when you have to buy a new (or new to you) car. You weigh every clunk and ping against the pain of spending time with a car salesman. You need a budget. You need a clue. You need a friend to tell you how smart and awesome you are, and that you’ve totally got this. You need to Take the Wheel, and automotive journalist Kristen Hall-Geisler is here to help.

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