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Kristen Hall-Geisler has been a freelance writer and book editor since 2006. As a writer for print and web, she specializes in explaining difficult and technical subjects to people without boring them silly. As an editor, she helps authors do the same with their books. She’s also the author of Take the Wheel: A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car Her Own Damn Self. 

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The Research Rabbit Hole

Running down the research rabbit hole is one of my favorite activities. I know other people hate it; that’s why they pay me to do it. And I am so happy to do it.

If you are not happy down in the hole with the information bunnies but you find yourself having to throw yourself into it anyway for your project, I shared four of the research tools I use just about every day in the Indigo newsletter this month. These will help you find what you need while you’re searching and keep track of what you find so you can actually use it later.

Good luck with your project! And wave if you see me when you land at the bottom of the research rabbit hole. I kind of live down here.

Next Up: Oregon Trail Rally

I love rally racing! It can be frustrating as a spectator since you can only see a piece of a stage as all the racers come through, and some stages don’t even have spectator access, but what you can see is so very cool. Rooster tails of dirt flying up behind a car as it comes around a curve; water splashing as the driver powers through a puddle. Maybe the wheel will come off. Maybe someone will end up in a ditch. Maybe your friend, who’s running in the local race, will win a stage!

Last year, I got to interview Chrissie Beavis for Subaru’s Drive Performance magazine. We’ll see what opportunities arise in 2015! Check the clips for any published articles.

Next Up: The SUV Competition Formerly Known as Mudfest

Though it is now officially known as the NWAPA Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year extravaganza, it will always be Mudfest in our rainy, Pacific-Northwest hearts. In mid-April, I’ll be driving up to Washington to test a couple dozen SUVs, CUVs, and pickups on pavement and dirt to see which deliver on their promises. There are a few categories, from off-road beasts to luxury SUVs more suited for ridin’ dirty than actually getting dirty. And of course there’s the big overall winner. Check back to see who wins, and check the Clips page to see where my coverage is published.

Next Event: Formula e in Long Beach, CA

I’m headed south in April for the second North American race in the all-electric series put on by everyone’s friends at the FIA. Now that the inaugural season is about halfway through, I’m really curious to talk to teams and fans to find out how they think it’s going and what the future might hold for electric racing.

Next Up: Portland Auto Show

I’ll be at the Oregon Convention Center for the Portland Auto Show’s press day on February 4. There’s usually an emphasis on green cars and vehicles that can get you to the slopes, the coast, and the trailhead on the weekend. Any car that can do all of that — and keep your dog safe — will rule this city. I’ll let you know if I find it.

The Traveling KHG: Rally in Snoqualmie

I’ll be in Snoqualmie, Washington, this coming weekend for the Red Bull Global Rallycross event September 26-27, 2014. It’s being held at Dirtfish Rally School, which is one of my favorite places to visit. If you want to come up and visit me — and Bucky Lasek, and Sverre Isachsen, and Ken Block, and Tanner Foust, but mostly me — please do! I’ll be the one with the notebook in my hand. I’m pretty sure none of the drivers will have that distinctive feature.

If you want to check out the race, here’s more info:

New! Free! Content! 8 Tips for Taking a Test Drive

In honor of International Women’s Day today, I just added an excerpt of the chapter on test driving a car over on the Take the Wheel site. There are tips for new cars and used cars, and stats to back up why women are actually better at this than men.

And in the words of Annette Sykora, past president of the national dealer’s association, “It’s not necessary to bring a man along, but it is necessary to bring your confidence along.”



Take the Wheel Is Available!

How did I end up not updating my homepage? Who knows. The book came out, there were deadlines to meet, there were holidays, there were marketing moves, there were more deadlines … and my blog sat here alone and unloved.

There was lots of activity over on the Take the Wheel page, though. And more things going on at the Take the Wheel Facebook page. And as of today, I’ve got a Goodreads author page, too. So I’m everywhere — and yet I seem to never leave my writing studio.

I got advance copies made at Powell's Books on the fly.

I got advance copies made at Powell’s Books on the fly.

Take the Wheel Takes Another Step Toward Reality

The book has been edited, I have made the changes or stuck to my guns as necessary, and the text is now in the hands of the book designer. I am being asked to decide between fonts that look nearly identical to me and whether I want the page numbers in the middle or at the edges of the pages. (But wait until you see the little logo by the page numbers — you will die, it is so cute.)

Which all sounds real enough, but it’s 2013. Nothing is real until it is on the internet. So I give you the official book website, I’ve got business cards, too, so if you meet me in person, ask for one. They look as amazing as the site, and they make lovely bookmarks.

Take the Wheel already!

Take the Wheel already!

If you want the latest industry news as it pertains to women’s lives or updates on the book as it nears its September 3 publication date, you’re going to want to visit the site. Oh, and of course the book has its own Take the Wheel Facebook page too.