Kristen Hall-Geisler is a freelance automotive writer specializing in the future of transportation. If it drives itself, talks to traffic lights, and enables mobility for more people, she’s into it.

She’s been at the edge of this technology for more than a decade, with bylines in the New York Times, Popular Science, TechCrunch, How Stuff Works, Wired, and many more.


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Practical Fox is Kristen’s indie publishing business. It’s not open for submissions, but it is publishing her own work. Visit the store below.

Book Editing with Indigo

Kristen has been editing nonfiction and historical fiction with the team of publishing experts at Indigo since 2012.
She’s helped dozens of authors make their books a reality, whether they choose to publish traditionally or self-publish their work.

Carsplaining puts the future of transportation in plain language.

What’s ADAS? Are we really going to get around in shared electric pods? Are our robot overlords going to come in the form of computers on wheels? Find out at